Wednesday, July 05, 2006

keywords that brought you here

I'm taking the easy way out today, as I struggle to catch up on a few works projects. a few of the more interesting ones recently:
  • $7 million subsidy for los angeles downtown supermarket
  • great hollywood walkabout john
  • non mobile homes in parks
  • tujunga as the place of invaders from space
  • terra banks in panties [I love typos]
  • brad pitts home and distance from malibu pier [This was too specific not to include]
  • malibu ca millionaire row
  • r m schindler building the slope
  • don johnson address los angeles [stalker. with bad taste.]
  • challenge independent contractor status merchandiser
  • minimize the bust workout [I wish that were my problem]
  • jessica biel's address brentwood [stalker. with mediocre taste.]
  • 20,971 number of damien hurst's badges sold in tate modern shop.
  • non tipping salon sarasota
  • mudslide in bel-air, ca. in 1971
  • eric owen moss sucks [Duh.]
  • denim cutoffs gallery
  • ebay cheerleader santa barbara
  • providence ri pizza rating
  • peter eisenmann vagina [Awesome.]


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