Monday, April 17, 2006

monday media: tax day edition

been away from blogging here for a few days - although I managed to post extremely sporadically on curbed LA last week. the past week has been extremely busy - working on a big project, doing some business development, writing an article for an online publication. oh, and passover - preparing the chicken soup for the ritz's seder took more time than I expected but my soup finally came out as good as my mom's. (the secret ingredient: short ribs).

and today is tax today. and after paying my 2005 taxes, my 1q06 taxes, my franchise tax for 2006 and my accountant for all of his hard work, I'm now, as the british say, feeling kind of skint. so of course, what better way to pick myself up than to buy a pair or two of shoes for summer.

anyway, its been a while since I've done monday media, so here are a couple of interesting links:
  • African Architecture and Design. rudy sent this one to me. not a lot of posting, but he covers an area few write about, and focuses on sustainability.
  • Bill Donohue = talking turd. not architecture related, but I couldn't resist linking to my future husband's post on a possible prankster behind the scenes at foxnews.
  • atwater village's street cred. I'm probably going to do a post on this one for curbed LA, or someone will, but we got this email about the beastie boys former office for sale for a cool $5 mil.


At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short ribs, eh. I guess the secret ingredient isn't much of a secret anymore.


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