Friday, March 31, 2006

at least my shoes are good for something

a few weeks ago, an art director friend of mine mentioned she was working on her portfolio and had an idea for a dr scholl's-type campaign. she casually mentioned she needed a few pairs of new, expensive shoes and was worried about the prospect of maxing out her credit card to buy them, bring them to chicago for the shoot, and then return them to the store. so I, ahem, stepped up. you see, I have a bit of a shoe thing, like many women I know. the problem is, I buy them, admire them, sometimes put them on in my apartment and walk from bedroom to living room. they're just to pretty to wear outdoors. what if there's a puddle? some mud? and I dont just want to break them out for dinner with friends. they need an occasion. a debut. so they sit indefinitely in my closet, waiting for that moment to fulfill their destiny. as a result, I was happy to send my babies off to chicago for their photo shoot. as you can see, their vertiginous height makes me a candidate for future orthopedic surgery. that is, if I ever get around to wearing them:

the spikes and cheese grater were obviously added in photoshop later but serve as apt metaphors for the experience of wearing these beautiful little torture chambers.


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