Friday, April 07, 2006

oh. my. god.

today john and I played semi-docents to a group of visiting belgian architects at some of the greatest, privately-owned homes in LA: neutra's lovell health house, schindler's fitzpatrick, and koenig's case study #22.

all of the owners were incredibly gracious, and all loved to talk about their lives in these homes. (mrs. topper has been at the lovell house since 1960 and mrs. stahl is the original owner of the case study house). I'm not an architect, and to be completely honest, too much talk about construction techniques, tension cables, and steel casements bores me. But the social history of these homes, the architect's program, the clash of egos and bureaucracy - that's the stuff that makes these houses come alive.

some of the photos below, more complete ones can be found on flickr in my mak tour set (which also includes a few of the photos I took in the fall of the big mak tour fundraiser). these are just the koenig house. more of the others to come.

pool 3
pool 1
glass panel 1
john 1
living room 1


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