Thursday, April 06, 2006

envy me

its been a really busy week for me, so not a lot of posting - here, or here, or here for that matter. trying to get a project (partly) done by early next week, so hard to fit blogging into the schedule. esp since I won't be working much tomorrow - instead I'll be at the lovell health house, giving a tour to a group of belgian architects. the problem is, I don't know much about the lovell health house, so I need to brush up a bit. and john is in charge of koenig's case study #22, so we need to figure out a way to trade places, without anyone noticing. sort of a geeky architecture version of a bad 80s sitcom. I'm sure no one will notice that 6ft, gay, hugh grant-doppelganger has been switched with a 5ft jewish girl. bringing a camera, so will hopefully have a ton of photos of these houses that are almost never open to the public.
in completely unrelated news, Aram and I had an article published today on video game advertising. and I got a personal tour of the robot chicken animation studios by a friend. yes, I'm spending my day writing about video games and watching animation magic. life could be worse.

oh wait, I'm also spending most of this week looking at spreadsheets and ad volume data. karmic justice to balance the fun stuff.


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