Monday, April 24, 2006

monday media: no art, no walking

despite the best laid plans, never quite made it to the brewery artwalk this weekend. a combination of illness (chris'), flakiness (dave's), laziness (mine) and the weather (god's) conspired against us. which may be for the best, because I can't justify a purchase right now, no matter how good the bargain or talented the artist. so the weekend was mostly a bust and I accomplished little (except for a pretty good baby artichoke salad - I had never really played around with baby artichokes so I'm proud). so let's see if I can round up a couple of good links:

  • it must be a slow week in celeb real estate when hot property helps out christina ricci. you pretty much have to be living under a rock to not know the samuel-navarro house is for sale by her and adam goldberg, post break up. curbed LA has been covering it for several months now, including details on the bad remodeling job they did post-Keaton ownership.
  • Nielsen = Big Brother. The company just launched a GPS tracking system in LA to measure eyeballs for billboards: "Nielsen Outdoor tracks the passage of people as they ordinarily walk, drive or travel in other ways through the marketplace." Creepy.
  • Can I just say how devastated I am that Reggie lost the Search for the Next Food Network Chef? I was rooting for (and voting) for our local boy. The food network needs more big, black, gay chefs and hosts on the network. Al Roker doesn't count.


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