Tuesday, February 28, 2006

best former celeb home ever

because I docent at the schindler house, I occassionally get to visit some pretty amazing homes, like the elrod house or silvertop. its a great perk, and one I dont take for granted. so last night was a surprise, after john and I decided to join matteo at some jewelry-related pre-oscar party, when we walked into...liberace's former penthouse.

of course, most of it has been redesigned and is now a pretty luxe office for a luxury product placement company, so it hard to tell what original touches remain. there's a nod to its former owner with a large photo of his bejeweled hands at the end of the mirrored foyer. I'm guessing the mirrored foyer is original. and the rooftop kidney pool. (un)fortunately, most of the penthouse in west hollywood (where else?) is tastefully designed, and pretty constrained, with the exception being the abstract neon-lit, swirling tree above the pool with ceramic birds "nesting" in the tree. and as the photo shows, its one of the few original features they kep. actually, I'll admit it - I loved it. all of it. my only regret is that john didnt take any pictures that I could post on this site. but here are some photos of the original, from bob's world of liberace.


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