Saturday, February 25, 2006

best birthday gift

I know I mentioned a couple of days ago that today is my birthday and C and I are taking a trip to hearst castle in a couple of weeks. so I didn't really expect anything more from him today, other than fulfilling his responsibility as designated driver tonight. but he surpassed my expectations.

despite the fact that tickets to the getty villa are sold out for the next six months, he managed to wrangle two for today. more on the actual villa later. but for now, its enough to say we had a great day sitting outside having lunch above the new amphitheater, took a tour of the architecture and gardens, and wandered around the galleries.

men - here's a quick hint: effort counts more than cash. sure, the tickets were free but the fact that he actually listened to me bitching about wanting to go and not being able to reserve early enough and somehow finding a way to get tickets for my birthday means a lot more than being showered with expensive gifts.

anyway, now I think I need a nap. that was a lot of walking.


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