Friday, February 24, 2006

the problem of memorialization

I know I've mentioned before how much I enjoy witold rybczynski's columns in slate. this one is particularly striking, given the debate and demise of the ambassador hotel. witold bemoans the lack of an appropriate memorial for JFK in dallas, characterizing johnson's concrete memorial as a "poorly done," ignoble piece and the sixth floor museum as an overly pedantic, less-than respectful tribute.

I haven't been to dallas to see this, but all I can think is - we should be so lucky. bobby kennedy seems to have suffered not only from the kennedy "curse" but also from the bad luck of having been assassinated when he was still just a lowly senator and presidential hopeful. apparently, in LA, a town obsessed with star power and the seeming incapacity to remember last week, let alone an event that took place almost 40 years ago (unless, of course, it makes a good movie), being the jr. senator from new york and brother of JFK just doesn't rank enough to warrant a memorial.

keep in mind that not only is the texas school book depository a museum, but so is the lorraine motel in memphis where king was shot. of the major assassinations in the 60s, it seems only RFK hasn't been properly memorialized, unless you count an emilio estevez vehicle (did I actually just write that?) as a "proper" memorial.


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