Friday, February 24, 2006

gladwell goes to the dark side

one of my favorite authors and new yorker columnists has finally begun to blog - malcolm gladwell. he just started a few days ago, and seems to primarily use the blog to respond to reader emails, expand upon his articles when the constraints of print media don't allow him to riff or reference sources, and as a platform to reverse his arguments. has he finally gone the freakonomics route and decided this might actually be a valuable platform for cross-media promotion and, dare I say it - synergy? (yeah, I spent the last two days at a digital media conference - can you tell?) or is he just going the james wolcott route (my secret husband), using the Internet to bypass the powers-that-be at conde nast to publish all the bile, vitriol and snark they won't touch? looks like the former, I wish it was the latter. but I'll take what I can get from one of the smartest writers on the new yorker's famously "secret" masthead.


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