Tuesday, September 13, 2005

some interesting lectures

materials & applications, home of maximilian's schell, is hosting two interesting lectures this weekend. I'll be at the fri evening lecture for the "not a cornfield" discussion:

Friday, September . 16 . 2005 @ 7:30pm
"Not A Cornfield: Salon"
Free Admission.
:Agri(c)ulture: What's Growing in LA?:

Jenna Didier (founder of Materials & Applications) in discussion with Lauren Bon , Marty Kaplan, and Janet Owen.

Join Not a Cornfield artist Lauren Bon, director of the Norman Lear Center Marty Kaplan, writer and curator Janet Owen, and designer, engineer and founder of Materials & Applications Jenna Didier for a discussion of some the many issues arising at the intersection of culture and the public realm.

More info: notacornfield.com/events/sep16.html

Saturday, September . 17 . 2005 @ 4pm
Andreas Froech & Emanuelle Bourlier
:Translucent, lightweight,
modulation of light and vision:

Please join us for a daytime open air show and tell session with these material innovators.

Panelite is the leading developer and distributor of experimental materials, including translucent honeycomb panels to the architectural and design industries. Join us in a rousing Show & Tell with the creators of this beautiful product.

Have a favorite gadget or an especially inspired creation? Bring it with you to Show & Tell! At the end of every event we will invite members of the audience who have brought something to share to come up and tell us about it.

Complete schedule of the lecture series is available at emanate.org/showntell.htm .

$5 at the gate.

Come to Materials & Applications for the next lecture in our ongoing open-air discussions on design, technology and culture in a "show & tell" format at the courtyard exhibition space at 1619 Silver Lake Boulevard in Los Angeles. This series accompanies the wildly popular Maximilian's Schell installation. Come have fun in the golden vortex!

M&A is a non-profit organization that conducts architecture and landscape research in an environment open to all. More information is available on the M&A website: www.emanate.org.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Tim said...


It is not clear from your post that the panel discussion is at the cornfield Friday night. I have pored over the website and can not find anything to contradict that. Do you have different information?

At 2:39 PM, Blogger marissa said...

actually, I believe the lecture is at m&a, not the cornfield but I will check on that.


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