Wednesday, September 07, 2005

today's protest

with most of the media still firmly entrenched in covering katrina and its aftermath, there isn't much going on that is architecture-related. or maybe I just don't feel like writing much about it. and the latimes, normally a second-rate rag compared to the nytimes, has been exceeding my expectations. I sit and read and silently applaud op-eds like this. but sitting and silently applauding only goes so far, so later today I will be attending this protest at the federal building in westwood. will it lead to bush's resignation? probably not. but it will feel better than sitting on my couch and cursing the TV.

also, in addition to my newfound respect and admiration for the latimes, comes the return of my hero to late night TV. last night's daily show reaffirmed my love for jon stewart. as I texted (is that a word?) to jess last night, jon stewart is my boyfriend so bitches better step. that includes his wife, other stalkers, and my mom (who also has a crush on our favorite mensch.) that's right mom, Step. The. Fuck. Off.

oh and here is some interesting LA/urban/whatever news:

good news: CA's legislature is about to pass a law banning the sale of soda and junk food on public school campuses. A similar ban already exists for LAUSD.
bad news: the legislation doesn't address the other basic cause of childhood obesity and its subsequent health problems - lack of physical fitness. also, the nutritional guidelines are somewhat lenient:
The legislation is aimed at limiting food sales to dishes that get no more than 35% of their calories from fat, 10% of their calories from saturated fat, and have no more than 35% sugar by weight.

That formula would not likely pass muster at a Weight Watchers meeting. Among the foods that qualify are Pop Tarts, baked potato chips, baked Doritos, honey roasted peanuts, Carnation Ice Cream Sandwiches and various other "light" varieties of ice cream.

more good news: CA is one step closer to legalizing gay marriage.
bad news: the governator may veto the bill.

neither good nor bad - yet: and after new york's failed attempt to bid on the 2012 olympics, LA will put its hat in the ring for the 2016 summer games.


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