Thursday, September 08, 2005

mak day

this sat marks the 118th birthday of everyone's favorite austrian architect. no, not neutra. r.m. schindler's of course. so to celebrate, the schindler house is free and chock-full of activities. there will be several panel discussions on topics ranging from collecting art to renovation to modernism and fashion, as well as prototypes for upcoming shows. full schedule found here.

additionally, my monthly docent duties are calling - so I'll be on hand from 2:30-6pm sat to give tours of the house. since I'm no longer teaching, this is my only chance to lecture (except for the occasional ones I give to my parents on the evils of bush, the importance of learning how to use a computer, and why too many refined sugars are bad for them. they've all remarkably sunk in, I must be better than I thought). anyway, I digress. come by for some good tours and discussion.

99% Aeromad: A Prototype for an Inflatable Dwelling
Alexis Rochas


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