Tuesday, June 28, 2005

touring the hood

got into JFK at 6:30 this morning and the van wyck was packed. so I asked my father to drive thru the streets to get to their new place on long island. it also gave me the chance to drive through my old neighborhood - I grew up on the border of flushing and jamaica. here is a photo tour through jamaica, land of a 1,000 car parts.

a graveyard for cars...

...and people

in brooklyn these lofts would sell for a $1 million each

and in case you were wondering, the mural is in front of a construction site

and this one is for rudy.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

All I know of Jamaica is what I hear in Tribe C.Q. songs, and the time my family rented a car that we had to pick up there. Despite my mom being a Queens native we got lost; what can ya do, she's from Forest Hills -- the garden apartments not the big houses (as she'll always say just to be clear about her Queens creds).

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought it was odd that Queens had so many cemeteries -- the land was probably cheaper. My whole family lived in Queens. I have no idea why the ones who passed on are buried in -- New Jersey.

And thanks for writing back! I knew you would. Actually, I found Hilary's blog through you. I think I was searching for "Los Angeles architecture" and found you.


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