Friday, June 30, 2006


did a short interview yesterday on adtech connect radio with susan bratton in anticipation of a panel I'm moderating in november at adtech. discussed some upcoming research projects, the indecency fines bill approved by the house, and what it was like in the early days of the internet boom. description here:

Title: Roving Eyes and Little People
Susan Bratton interviews Matt Wasserlauf, CEO of Broadband Enterprises; Marissa, Founder and Managing Partner of Radar Research and Len Ostroff, CEO of Rovion in a show focused on broadband, video, marketing mash-ups and more.

Find out about a dog whistle only teens can hear, be in-the-know about the latest practical joke on YouTube and an intelligent new scoring index for Web 2.0 companies. Emotion meets accountability with hotspot and borderless streaming video ad formats you might actually likeā€¦plus cool little talking web people.

listen here.


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