Monday, May 01, 2006

monday media - already shot my load

in a flurry of posting early this morning on Curbed LA, I sort of already used up all of my cool links for monday media. but I will link to my favorite story anyway: the deputy mayor of mass transit and transportation drives a hummer. yes, a hummer. insert your own joke there.

I'm also in a state of major envy this morning. first, aram calls me at 8am to alert me to his interview on cnbc, which I promptly forgot about and missed. I'm a great business partner, no? anyway, napster is now free, aram likes it, and I'm a lousy business partner/friend.

why was I so distracted this morning? because my friend jen hyman (its necessary to always call her by her full name. Just "Jen" will not do) was at the white house press corp dinner on sat and got to watch colbert uncomfortably roast Bush. In front of him. Jon Stewart may still be my husband, but colbert is my dirty, dirty mistress.

so you can see why I'm jealous, as I sit here waiting for a plumber, wading thru 10k's.

and during "breaks" I sit and read yesterday's commemorative Home section of the LA Times, which is fairly kick-ass for a section that's usually abysmal.


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