Thursday, March 23, 2006

runway review

today I went to one of the runway shows at the main tent at smashbox studios for LA fashion week. in no particular order, why I loved it (and none of this has to do with the clothes, which were alternately beautiful and completely vulgar):
  • paula abdul's clap. get your mind out of the gutter. she sat front row (the only celeb I recognized, which isnt saying much) and her American Idol clap (elbows together, palms spread) is for real. that's about the only part that's authentic.
  • boobs. sure, some of the models were your typical flat-chested lollipops. but since this was mostly a lingerie show, there were boobs on display - I saw perhaps the most bouncy, aerodynamic ones ever. I'm jealous.
  • aging italian stars. think lots of hair pomade and oversized sunglasses - and that was the men. since I sat with my GBF's parents, who are visiting from italy, I spent a good 20 minutes after the show taking pictures of them with their favorite aging soap stars and singers.
  • great people watching. but isn't that true for all runway shows?
and what I didn't like: faux fur pom-poms. at least, I hope they were faux. I know fur trim is one of the big trends from the paris, new york and milan shows but as pom poms for lingerie in 80 degree heat they just look stupid.


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