Friday, March 17, 2006


this has been a week of mourning for me. everywhere I look, death looms in the air. I'm not talking about friends and family, fortunately. I'm talking about killing off characters in just about every TV show I watch. its become so prevalent, even the nytimes is talking about it. I'm just glad I didn't read the article BEFORE I watched this week's L word. and I fastidiously avoided all media about the Sopranos until I watched the season opener. and its only going to get worse, as we head into May and sweeps. what took me by surprise, though, was the one death that actually made me tear up. it wasn't the L word's sappy breast cancer melodrama. Nor any of the surprise deaths on the Sopranos. Not even tony's death on 24 (long overdue, if you ask me).

it was edgar. poor, sweet edgar. overweight, lisping, nerdy edgar. even the show's producers must have mourned that one - he got the silent counter - the first time I can recall them counting down silently since Teri's death in season 1. even president palmer and michelle's death didnt get the silent counter. or tony's for that matter. (altho tony dying in jack's arms as he cried was one of the most homoerotic moments between two alpha males I've seen since brokeback).

so I just need to post my 2 cents on this season of 24 - which I really think is the best one since season 1. The last few seasons had been increasingly bush apologist propaganda. then end always justified the means. This year, they've definitely scaled back on the torture. rather than inflicting government-approved pain on innocent, homosexual, slacker sons of the Secretary of Defense, they seem to be limiting it to ex-CTU turncoat agents and Rumsfeldian advisors. What will be really interestig (from more of an academic perspective) is what will happen now that the Dept of Homeland Defense has been called in to take over CTU operations. I'm hoping for a subtle (or not so subtle) indictment - and last week's one scene with them seemed to imply an overconfident, power-hungry agency galloping in like cowboys to save the day. who wants to bet they'll turn out to be incompetent, bureaucratic and misinformed? if this is all David Fury's doing, I just want to hug him.


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