Wednesday, March 22, 2006

grey skies are clearing up

the last few days I've been awash in misery - mostly computer-related, some...not. but like our weather, my mood is finally beginning to improve. computer problems fixed, at least temporarily, and the next few days are looking bright. I guess jupiter is moving into retrograde or something like that for me. I'm going to one of the smashbox shows tomorrow for LA fashion week. sure, it lacks the power and prestige of the bryant park shows (and the project runway contestants) but who am I to complain? I also won tickets to ballet biarritz on fri at royce hall - again, free tickets and dancing! oh, how I love to watch modern dance (and I'm not being sarcastic there). and best of, writing for curbed is starting to pay off, so to speak. I'll probably be attending the CA Boom show in santa monica this weekend with a curbed LA press pass (silly show organizers - bloggers aren't REAL journalists). crossing my fingers I also get to go to the prefab home show there. and will certainly try to blog about it both here and on curbed. of course, all of this is contingent upon me actually finishing an article I need to write for mediapost and a presentation I need to prepare for a speaking gig at OMMA next week.

and when I have a chance, I will try to post about the trip to san luis obispo and hearst castle, william randolph hearst's impressive monument to himself.


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