Tuesday, March 14, 2006

back to blogging

I realize that right after I announce I"m going to be writing for curbed LA, I abandoned this blog for a few days. the truth is, with a friend from ny staying with me, I didn't really have time to post here or on curbed, for that matter. I think I managed maybe 4 posts on curbed in the past 5 or 6 days. and none on our newly launched radar blog. but that will change, starting today. I hope.

no need to give a rundown of the weekend. my friend is far from an architecture fan, but after only her second time in LA, she gets this city and digs it - generally hard for another born and bred new yorker to do, esp when the weather is far from cooperative. and for an overly pretentious geek like myself, I enjoy being able to talk real estate, downtown development, the tragedy of chavez ravine, and LA's cultural idiosyncracies with someone who pretends to care. that's what friends are for, after all. oh, and a lot of shopping. and we did spend an inordinate amount of time scanning MLS listings for our dream homes.

later today: photos from our morning in angelino heights.

its good to be back.


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