Tuesday, January 10, 2006

monday media: another tues edition

I should just start calling this tuesday media since I can't seem to get my act together on mondays enough to post a few links. how sad. plus, I love alliteration. so monday media it will remain, regardless of the day of the week. a few links of interest:

  • shanghai surprise. so I recently rented "serenity" because I love joss whedon and missed the firefly series because I was living in london when it aired in the states. although the film was slightly disappointing, one of the more interesting ideas in it is that 500 years into the future, global culture is an amalgamation of china and the US. everyone speaks a hodge podge of english and chinese. whedon sees the two superpowers eventually forming an alliance to control and dominate the universe (quite literally). and he's not the far off - which is a cumbersome way of introducing this article on shanghai's housing boom and bust. apparently the latimes also believes we're looking more and more like one another, at least when it comes to real estate speculation, overdevelopment and greed.
  • even planners name drop. both curbed LA and the latimes reported the hiring of LA's new city planner, gail goldberg, more than a year after the previous city planner retired. curbed offers a nice little summary of her plans for LA, the latimes also offers us her first public star(chitect) fucking:
"I had dinner with Thomas Mayne, the architect, the other night and we talked about Los Angeles having some of the best urban planners and architects in the world, but many of them don't work here," said Villaraigosa. "We're going to give them opportunities to work here."


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Yes having din din with Thom Mayne will certainly wet your planning appetite. Perhaps the new planner can apply some Mayne concepts and bulldoze neighborhoods and erect windy plazas under black glass behemoths a la Caltrans (http://you-are-here.com/los_angeles/2004_caltrans.html)


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