Friday, January 06, 2006

I AM plan b

just did an interview with marketplace on winter olympics advertising. apparently, marketplace plans to broadcast next week from china, but should the feeds fail, or there's a tech glitch, they wanted to have a few "evergreen" stories ready to go. so here's to technology failures!

but...should the china broadcasts go smoothly, listen for the story on martin luther king day. apparently another slow news day.

and since this post is all about me, let's go all the way towards narcissistic self-indulgence. just booked a trip at the end of the month to london (and possibly paris). starting to make my mental plan on what to hit. tate modern to see rachel whiteread's installation in turbine hall is near the top of the list. I used to walk past the sir john soane museum nearly every day on my way to LSE, and didn't even know it. how sad - I plan to right that wrong while I'm there. and then there's the pilgrimage to topshop - I just hope some of the sales are still going on when I'm there. any architecture/design/food recommendations? I'm all ears...


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