Tuesday, December 27, 2005

xmas in n'awlins

the latimes today features an in-depth look at the relationship between new orlean's levee commissions and the US army corp of engineers since 1980 and how it precipitated the failure of the levees:

"But their fractious partnership proved disastrous. While the corps and the Orleans board settled into an acrimonious 15-year relationship, spending $95 million to buttress the city's canal levees, their shared supervision failed to detect crucial weaknesses inside the flood walls before Hurricane Katrina struck.

...Structural inspections were cursory. Maintenance was minimal. A confusing regulatory patchwork of ownership over the levees and canals blurred the lines of authority — all shortcomings cited by independent engineering teams analyzing the levees' collapse."

C spent the holidays with his family in new orleans and took these pics as he drove around:
three cars that eventually landed on top of one another

these two houses had floated from across the river and landed in what used to be a paved street
a homemade funeral wreath


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