Thursday, December 29, 2005

flying is the worst...

...with a hangover. I'm getting on a plane in a few hours and I can safely predict its going to be a painful flight. do you have that one friend who, no matter how lofty your intentions are for the evening, inevitably leads you down the path towards degeneracy and overindulgence? but that path is always an adventure? last night I was with that friend. the last time we went out, all of a week ago, I spent the entire next day sprawled on her couch, completely immobilized by nausea and a headache. but, that couch does overlook the new renzo piano extension of the morgan library, so all was not lost.

last night involved copious amounts of wine and cocktails and reminded me why density is a good thing. within one block, we drank at a ridiculous raw food place, batali's raucously fun casa mono and bar jamon, and pete's tavern, pretty much an institution in new york. and there was a great dinner in there as well at batali's place, fueling my anticipation of his upcoming LA restaurant.

before the binge drinking began, I did manage to fit in a little culture. unfortunately, I chose to do that on perhaps the busiest day of the year at the met. the van gogh exhibition had a 45 min wait so my sister and I skipped that one in order to go to the calatrava exhibition, which was incredibly small, crowded and slightly disappointing. my sister and I joke that calatrava loves two body parts: the spine and eye. almost every major work he's done echoes one of those two body parts, including his upcoming PATH depot at the world trade center. of course, since the exhibition also features his sculpture, we did discover one more organ he seems to be inspired by - vaginas. I think I just always wanted to write "vagina" in my blog.

my sister and I were both overwhelmed by the crowds at the met so we walked a few blocks to one of our favorite museums - the cooper hewitt. its never crowded, a beautiful building, fun exhibitions and the current show is about the use of color in fashion, moving across the last 2 centuries. perhaps not life-changing, transcendent art, but a welcome relief after the met.

now I need water, gatorade and maybe more water, can't wait to be back in LA tonight. two weeks on a sofabed is my limit.

L’Hemisfèric (Planetarium)
Valencia, Spain


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a safe flight, and let's hang out when I get back from Seattle!

At 10:39 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

After x-mas dinner we walked across the awe-inspiring Calatrava foot bridge in Buenos Aires. (Before hitting the ultra dramatic and totally fuckin' cool P. Starck designed Faena Hotel "+ Universe".) From a distance the 2001 bridge echoes the arc and shape of a harp, but now that you mention it, I see a relationship to parts of the human body as well.


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