Friday, November 18, 2005

question of the day

my dilemma: what city to spend new year's in? yeah I know its pretty much amateur night and I would prefer to stay home with season 2 of arrested development and some takeout. but like a lemming, I usually brave the bitter cold and gypsy cab robbery in ny to go out and actually see people. now I'm left wondering - should I spend the evening in ny or LA? thoughts? suggestions?


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Team said...

I'll take the risk of making some recommendations, but i'm not even a 1/4 as hip or cool as your friends but...
judging from last year's activities you can't go wrong with checking out
Anonsalon' at the Park Plaza
or check out any one of the many holiday-themed comedy shows and revues that will start popping up all over town soon. The Groundlings usually do a New Year's Eve show
go to the Equator Books New Year's Eve party and hobnob with beach intelligensia and bohemian types in Venice


go to one of the local restaurants for mulit-course dinners like the ones at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel

or watch fireworks down at the beach
or attend a moon circle celebration
or invite everyone over to play games and drink wine

join the line at the Tiki Ti and night tour of the neon lights in LA/ grab a Snow Ball, the eggnog martini at Lola's on N Fairfax

or go to Akbar or attend a drag queen Xmas show

or go ice skating at the rink in Pershing Square
or camp out on Colorado Blvd for the Rose Parade

or my personal fav: go to the movies --New Beverly is screening "A History of Violence" with "Straw Dogs"--as for me, i'm watching Grosse Point Blank at home with lots of alcohol.


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