Monday, November 14, 2005

I heart LA

back after a much needed and well deserved vacation in costa rica. it was beautiful, relaxing, blah blah blah. ok, so back to LA. after a somewhat rocky re-entry into "real life" on sat, C and I decided to play tourists in this town on sun, hitting a few spots he had never been to, even tho he's lived here longer than me. on yesterday's itinerary:
  • griffith park - I lapped C on a short hike.
  • lake hollywood - unfortunately, still closed after last winter's rain.
  • hollywood forever cemetary to see joey ramone's grave - his tombstone is a lifesized statue of himself holding a guitar and epitaphs from annoying hipsters like vincent gallo. he deserves better for my boy from queens.
  • la brea tar pits and lacma's sculpture garden. - we skipped the museum and just enjoyed the late afternoon sun
  • skooby's - why do people wait in line for hours for pinks? better hot dogs, great fries, homemade lemonade. pinks must have a better publicist.
yes, its a lot for one afternoon. and then we topped it with an advance screening of memoirs of a geisha at the DGA with a q&a between sydney pollack and rob marshall. how's that for a name-dropping hollywood evening? (it helps to have a cousin who's a member).

so I rapidly made up for lost time in one afternoon. the movie? sort of like a geisha itself - beautiful to look at but in the end, kind of pointless. but I should mention we also caught kiss kiss bang bang and besides reigniting my back to school/weird science/less than zero era crush on robert downey jr., its also a love letter to downtown los angeles. the standard is practically the third lead, and much more svelte than val kilmer these days.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Yay for wi-fi (even if I have to pay extra) at the Hotel Northampton; so glad we stopped staying at the dump in this town we usually crash at.

So, welcome home! Sounds like you picked good stuff to enjoy. I love me some Skooby's but it's too close to my office so I have to ration visits very carefully.

I'll have to remind myself about why I love L.A. b/c while it's sad to be on the east coast again for a funeral, it's such an amazing time of year.

And the food! We went for dinner Sat. night at this joint called Compass next to Luxembourg on W. 70th St., and what's just another nice NYC restaurant would like, BLOW PEOPLE AWAY in L.A. That's sort of disheartening. I ate so much smoked fish from Zabar's it's ridiculous, I shouldn't have salt for the rest of the week. Plus New Haven pizza at Pepe's tonight rocked hard.

But after going home this Weds. we'll leave again for Western Mass again.... next Tuesday night. I don't know how frequent biz travelers do it.


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