Monday, November 14, 2005

monday media

not a lot of time to catch up on everything that took place while I was gone. while I managed to jump "off the grid" - no email, no cell phone, I did tune into CNN daily. but alas, CNN world doesnt cover much of what's going on in LA (thankfully), but did offer much greater coverage of the earthquake in pakistan and africa's first female president in liberia than I've seen in the states. so there's just no way to catch up with LA news. but here are a few articles for today:

  • half a million bucks just doesn't buy what it used to. The latimes looks at what the median price of a home in LA adds up to - not much apparently.
  • fast company looks at the top cities for creative workers, ignoring places like ny and LA in favor of up-and-comers. the results are interesting - all but one are west of the mississippi. CA gets two - san diego and sacramento.
  • joel kotkin is at it again - this time he's written a piece in the wsj entitled "why immigrants don't riot here" - the title itself hints at the self-congratulatory condescension to follow, the implied moral superiority to everyone's favorite country they love to hate (freedom fries, anyone?), the historical amnesia. he makes no mention of home-grown riots in america, the social and racial upheaval that accompany them and the disenfranchisement felt by so many in the underclass. his answer to france's problem? the favored solution by most of the right - just deregulate and everyone will propser and love each other. I dont' know whether to laugh or cry.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Team said...

hey Marissa,
Welcome back. on your recommendation, i attended the lecture given by Professor Castells. he's fabu. if you want to know what was discussed, i typed up my impressions and posted them here:


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