Friday, August 12, 2005

more info on the schindler tour

the theme this year is preservation for the self-guided architecture tour planned by the mak center as a fundraiser. most of the homes on the tour are recently renovated/restored. the final list:

The MAK Center is pleased to announce a very special architecture tour on Sunday, October 2, 2005

Please join us for a tour of the interiors of the following Silverlake and Los Feliz buildings:
  • The Bubeshko Apartment Building (R. M. Schindler, 1938)
  • Silvertop (John Lautner, 1957)
  • The Walker Residence (R. M. Schindler 1936)
  • The Tierman Residence (Gregory Ain, 1939)
  • The Schlesinger Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1952)
  • The Elliot Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1952)
12:00 am ­ 5:00 pm

And for a cocktail reception at:
The Wolff House, (R. M. Schindler, 1938)

5:00 pm ­ 7:30 pm

Ticket prices: Self-driven: $65 Friends of the Schindler House and students,
$80 general public. Silverlake Shuttle: $30 additional charge

To reserve tickets, please call 323-651-1510


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