Thursday, August 11, 2005

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

christmas has nothing on mid-august in LA. why? the barneys warehouse sale started today. and the crowds descend early. you can always tell the experienced barneys warehouse shopper. we're the ones who wear skimpy tank tops and skirts, (I even saw a few women in their leggings), nothing too fussy or fastened, in order to slip in and out of the clothes in full view of the public. there are also a few intrepid souls who just dont give a fuck, and change down to their undies to try on the discounted marc jacobs and diane von furstenbergs.

nav and I were prepared. shopping at the barneys sale is closer to blood sport than leisure activity. and the competition only gets more vicious as the pickings get slimmer. you start to horde. I found nav wandering bleary-eyed and aimlessly with a half dozen shoes in her arms to try on. once you grab a spot in front of a mirror, you camp out as long as possible. its every (wo)man for themselves. if a comrade goes down, you just might have the leave them in the trenches. war is hell.

but victory was mine. scored an amazing pair of prada shoes - they were literally the first thing I picked up. if I wasn't so lazy, I would photograph them and post the pix. but not only am I lazy, I also fear that degree of fetishization. or at least the public admittal. (my sister and I have been sending pix of new shoes we buy to each other for years.) nav also lucked out - a beautiful pair of silver miu mius. we are single-handedly supporting italy's luxury goods industry.

sale ends aug 21st. enjoy.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Fun Joel said...

Not relevant to this post, per se, but nice to meet you last night! :-)


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