Friday, August 12, 2005

hey - we're a model!

after yesterday's post that the rest of the world looks more like LA these days, and tim's comment suggesting that may not be a bad thing, comes today's article in the washington post - we're the densest! and I'm not referring to the born-and-bred blond angeleno who recently insisted hong kong was in japan. no, according to the wapo, LA embodies a fairly recent (but growing) paradox: densely packed sprawl. and I am nothing if not good at summarizing the data:

  • Los Angeles has become the most densely populated place in the continental United States - 25 percent higher than that of New York, twice that of Washington and four times that of Atlanta, as measured by residents per square mile of urban land.
  • Ten of the country's 15 most densely populated metro areas are in the West, where residents move to newly developed land at triple the per-acre density of any other part of the country.
otherwise, an absorbing account of density both good and bad - land fill reuse, orange county development, immigrant poverty. a good read.


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Fun Joel said...

I wonder how LA would compare to Manhattan alone, as opposed to "New York City." Staten Island really skews the figures, and while it is officially part of NYC, culturally it is completely distinct and separate.


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