Monday, August 08, 2005

upcoming schindler stuff

I can't believe its almost that time of year. the days grow shorter, the leaves start to turn colors (I think there's one block in santa monica where I saw that happen once), and of course, its rudolph m. schindler's birthday. in honor of that day, the mak center hosts schindler day on sept 10th, when the house is free and open to the public and they host a day of workshops, panels and presentations. this year's theme will be preservation. with several recently completed major renovations to schindler homes, as well as some lautner and ain bulidings, the mak center will be inviting preservations, architects and historians in to talk about their experiences:

The tour is part of an overall program that examines questions of contemporary preservation. On Saturday September 10 (Schindler's birthday) we will hold a day-long presentation at the Schindler House. We will ask architects, artists, builders and homeowners to discuss the following questions: What makes a building stay alive? What are the gray zones of preservation? How does preservation intersect with contemporary concerns? What does history mean in Los Angeles? We will also open up the newly renovated Mackey Apartment Building (home to MAK Center Artists and Architects in Residence) to the public that weekend.

A related house tour will occur on Sunday, October 2, when some of the houses discussed on September 10 will be opened for touring. The tour is a fundraiser and supports the ongoing conservation of the Schindler House.
I don't think they've released which houses will be included in the tour as they firm up plans, but the list is pretty great. expect access to privately owned homes the public isn't normally allowed to visit.


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