Monday, July 11, 2005

monday media

and congrats again to Jess, who had a lovely bridal shower this weekend in an amazing home in the hills. I suspect the main reason I was invited was so I could gawk at the lorcan o'herlihy extension but whatver gets you there, right? can't wait for the wedding.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Sad about Hollywood Park. Not that I'm a racing fan but I think it's cool to have it around. And annoying that the article didn't mention a couple important facts: the Hollywood Turf Club (Isn't this original name much better than "Hollywood Park"?) was designed by prominent architect Stiles O. Clements (Wiltern, Adamson House in Malibu, Mayan Theatre, no longer extant Ridgefield Oil building, and approx. 50 buildings on Wilshire Blvd. alone). Edward Huntsman Trout, an important landscape architect, was responsible for the site. And F. Barlow, who did landscape work at the Village Green, was also later involved.

Sorry for the rant. I just don't like it when my man S.O. Clements goes unrecognized.

And thank you for coming to the soiree. Glad you enjoyed the venue. Rest assured, you would've been invited even if it were at, say, Hooters. Hope Meson G was good.


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