Wednesday, July 06, 2005

a look inside sci-arc

sam hall kaplan, a part-time professor at sci-arc as well as a consultant to merco group (isn't that the definition of conflict of interest?), whom sci-arc just lost their lawsuit against, provides a little more insight into the inner workings of the school (or at least his mind) and its plans for downtown.

after several bizarre paragraphs where he gives us his professional resume and hints at a former career in television, he then goes on to simultaneously praise sci-arc and disparage it for its "self-conscious designs and self-serving tenure of several architects who I feel have used the school as a podium for their personal public relations efforts." (actually, that's closer to the truth than anything I've seen eric owen moss say in print.)

ultimately, kaplan is in a unique position serving both masters (although how long that can be sustained is a question after the contentiousness of the lawsuit). its one where he claims he will "try not to be too prejudiced and prideful." from the sound of this article, he's already lost that battle.


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I keep his LA: Lost and Found on my bookshelf and always found it one of the best books about Los Angeles.


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