Thursday, June 16, 2005

thurs home sections: latimes a snooze, nytimes still loves us

I typically look forward to the home and design porn in the thursday home and garden sections of the nytimes and latimes. this week the latimes is dedicated to the "urban outdoors." maybe its my lack of a backyard, but..yawn. articles on weatherproofing and fire pits just don't, um, ignite me. but the nytimes is picking up the slack this week for me - maybe not news, but a profile of the owner of the new HD Buttercup home furnishings complex in culver city. I think just about everyone knows he used to own ABC Carpet and Home e in ny. but the best piece of gossip in there - the one that inspires a low moan at the too-perfect coupling of these photogenic "stylemakers" - is eric cole's burgeoning relationship with ms. rachel ashwell - founder of shabby chic. but can his modernist/ethnic sensibilities mesh with her french country/flea market aesthetic? can those two crazy kids make it work. I sense an HGTV special coming up...

update: I've decided that cole and ashwell are the insipid, self-aggrandizing, white-bread, waspy, hetero version of my favorite new york power couple - simon doonan and jonathan adler. but without the wit. or the cheekiness. or the observer column.


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

OMG. The writer makes it sound as if Cole teamed up with Wally Marks to redevelop the Helms Bakery complex. As if it was his idea and Marks hasn't owned that building for decades!?!? That journo did a very poor job accurately describing what Helms is. I'm glad the complex has a snazzy new anchor tenant, b/c I do love Helms so, but come the fuck on. Wally Marks took that risk many years ago when he rehabbed the place.

"It's going to happen because of Buttercup." I hope good things are in store for Culver City. But dude, you better start crediting those who've been in that area for a long time now, not just your ego-trippin' self.


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