Monday, June 20, 2005

monday media

I'm totally exhausted from this weekend so too tired to post much right now. so here are a few articles from the past couple of days related to LA, architecture or urban planning.

  • readers digest (they're still around?) rates the cleanest and dirtiest cities in America. yeah, we're near the bottom.
  • one of the most pointless editorials I've ever seen, even in the latimes - editors write about their work commute. hard hitting journalism ensues - LA drivers are rude! you can read on the bus! there's a lot of traffic!
  • why can't more of the latimes' opinion pieces be more like this? an articulate, thoughtful look at the global consequences of governing a city like los angeles. ok, I may not agree with his stance on taxes or federal funding, and ultimately he doesn't really offer much in the way of concrete solutions, but at least he's trying to contextualize LA in the larger network of world cities.
  • and even though I was not very politely told by C to stop talking about chavez ravine, last week the latimes reviewed Ry Cooder's latest album, Chavez Ravine, that explores the history of this lost community. three of the songs are written in the voice of key players in the drama - "the idealistic city planner, the evil developer and the bulldozer driver just doing his job."


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