Saturday, April 02, 2005

settling in

ever since I left ny my life has been somewhat itinerant (in the year I lived in london, I moved 4 times). but in the past month or so, I've been acquiring some of the tell-tale trappings of someone settling into a place.

A month ago I finally registered my car in LA and got a CA license. now I can't tell my car from the thousands of others in the parking lot that look exactly the same. I miss my ny plates. I also subscribed to KCRW, apparently a hipster right-of-passage in LA - so I am now the proud owner of a fringe-benefits card. which I have yet to use.

And finally, yesterday, I got an LA public library card. the library has become one of my most productive places to work (never true when I was in school). the branch on sunset and la brea for some reason doesn't seem to have wifi, and without the distraction of the internet, I'm free to write about the fascinating world of online consumer behavior for a client. so what's left? hopefully by next month, incorporation. more to come on that soon. in the meantime, I will simply revel in my library card, which I acquired with my CA license, at the library I drove to while listening to KCRW.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger dwgold said...

Find KCRW Fringe Benefits Providers the easy way - use a map.

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You're welcome, everyone who has tried to find locations in that booklet. Somebody had to do it.


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