Friday, April 01, 2005

LA and london converge in Queens

my two favorite cities, los angeles and london, are reprezentin' in my birthplace, queens (or alternatively 'Kuwait" to all you Wu Tang fans). actually, that's slightly misleading. london's grimshaw architects are the new choice for the redesign of the queens museum. (a museum I admittedly have not been to since the keith haring exhibit in the late 80s). grimshaw replaces eric owen moss, who just a few weeks ago was touting the commission in a lecture he gave at sci-arc.

the article doesn't give much background on the decision to replace eom - it just simply states:

"A design concept by Eric Owen Moss, picked in 2001, was scrapped in February after museum officials became disenchanted with it. QMA Executive Director Tom Finkelpearl said .... that the plan was not practical. "

since when are the starchitects expected to design something...practical?


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