Sunday, March 27, 2005

hot property - nothing new to say

I'm having a hard time even mocking the hot property section of today's latimes. there is nothing new there to complain about. same specious definition of "celebrity" (some guy in the kirstie alley train wreck 'fat actress,' a saudi arabian prince, and some music composer). same painfully punning headlines - the composer bought her house "for a song." same tasteless plans for a frankensteinian mcmansion

(I'm making assumptions based on this description:

The house they bought is on almost an acre, behind gates and has three bedrooms and four bathrooms in 3,400 square feet. The home, built in 1948 and refurbished in 2004, also has a pool and a pool house.

They plan to double the size of the house.)

so what else is there to say? I might have to stop the kvetching every sunday. I'm boring even myself.


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