Wednesday, March 23, 2005

LAist mocks LA fashion week...

...with good reason. (altho anyone who has ever worked in media knows the name anna wintour - fashion victim or not. or who read the devil wears prada. or Front Row: Ann Wintour - the cool life and hot times of vogue's editor in chief. or vanity fair's coverage of her love life. or gawker. or the post. but I'm not here to quibble about that).

I had my own moment sunday night when I realized how truly different LA is from NY. I managed to snag a spot as a "plus one" for the mario testino party and there was a moment when anna wintour was left alone by her husband/boyfriend (?) under a heat lamp...and no one spoke to her. not a single person. she actually looked a little sad and lonely. her solitary stance only lasted a minute or two before some random acolytes chatted her up, but its hard to even imagine that moment happening in ny. moments like that make me wish I had a camera phone.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Jason T. said...

Heh. I only work in TV and everyone knows we don't read anything printed on paper unless it starts in hollywood or daily and ends in reporter or variety.

or perhaps starts with entertainment and ends in weekly.


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