Wednesday, March 23, 2005

csm takes on LA

following on the heels of the nytime's 36 hours in venice, the christian science monitor takes on LA also. and while they mention some of the obvious "must-see's" like LACMA or the hollywood bowl, the article does a pretty good job of mentioning lesser known and out of the way spots, such as silom market in thai town or free lunchtime concerts at california plaza in downtown.

and after reading about beechwood in last week's latimes, nytimes, daily candy and just about every other local media outlet, I checked it out last night. it feels more hollywood than venice, but it is a very well designed space - dark, sexy, modern - the kind of flattering lighting everyone looks good in. I'll leave food reviews to much more able bloggers than myself but overall the food was good, not great, but quite good (if you skip the skirt steak, which has a cloying sweet lavender jus). my one regret was the rain prevented us from sitting in the patio near the fire pit.

beechwood's interior


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