Monday, October 10, 2005

monday media

I haven't abandoned this blog quite yet. I'm still just waiting for my dsl to be installed and SBC is now the bane of my existence. almost a week after they promised it would be working, I'm still waiting. and I could easily fill this post about their terrible customer service (but very sweet tech support) but that would bore you. so instead, some interesting recent articles:

  • starting across the pond: my favorite sculptor is taking on my favorite museum - rachel whiteread is working on the latest commission from the tate modern's turbine hall. what she'll do with it is still a mystery. but I might be able to justify a trip to london to see my sister and some friends while the whiteread piece is exhibited.
  • and since we're right between rosh hashana and yom kippur, an interesting piece on how suburban sprawl conflicts with jewish ideals. from the abstract: Specifically, the article argues that the automobile dependency and class division exacerbated by sprawl conflict with Jewish ethical and environmental values and impede observance of Jewish law. In addition, the article rebuts libertarian objections to anti-sprawl policies by pointing out that Jewish law encourages public regulation of land use. we are so ahead of our time.
  • since today's articles are all related to, um, me, or at least my personal interests, one of my alma maters, USC, is looking for a new dean of architecture.
  • and google gets more serious about local. not only is this related to one of my current projects for a new client, but also intersects with this blog's interest in urbanism, architecture, and technology.
enjoy. back to work.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Explain that aspect of Jewish law to the schmoes who, with the help of Very Powerful Law Firm specializing in land use, essentially re-zoned their property and constructed that hideous synagogue at 3rd and Highland.


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