Wednesday, October 05, 2005

monday media - special wed edition

my neighbors seem to have discovered I was pilfering wifi and have booted me off. so internet access is intermittent until my dsl is installed. I can only consume so many chais at psychobabble in exchange for wifi access. so today's just a few articles of interest since I missed it on mon:
  • an impassioned plea in the latimes for more public parks. and in related news, the lear center's grand intervention project is partnering with yale law, harvard law and new york law schools to collaborate on "the state of play virtual public space design competition." seems like the lear center is finally formalizing the project into an actual competition.
  • the owners of the bonaventure hotel downtown don't want competition - and they're willing to go to court to prevent it. and if they get their way, expect a referendum on it as well.
  • we've run out of space. say goodbye to single-story ranch houses, hello to multistory structures.
  • icon magazine declares "the guardian, public space, modernism, ipods, china, barcelona and butterflies" boring, among other architecture and design concepts. they pity the fool who cares about sustainable design. it seems like just about every major concept in mine and aram's book proposal - creative industries, innovation, and interactivity - are all boring. fuck you, icon magazine, and your wallpaper* wanna-be pretensions. [via a daily dose of architecture]


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