Monday, August 29, 2005

monday media

some articles for your edification:
  • when does homage become theft in architecture? the nytimes takes a stab at answering that. this one is particularly interesting to me, given some of the work aram and I have done on the relationship between copyright and creativity.
  • speaking of intellectual property rights, aram takes on the man. read his smartly crafted letter in defense of his file sharing.
  • heading back to palm springs for labor day weekend and in celebration of jess' birthday. the jonathan adler-designed parker palm springs has some great specials. so if you need to escape the 95 degree heat next weekend to the 115 degree heat, check out the parker. they even have an indoor pool.
  • C's family evacuated with the rest of new orleans yesterday. let's hope they don't face too much damage when they return.


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