Wednesday, August 24, 2005

dispatches from camp casey

my very talented friend john hoffman recently took a trip to camp casey to join in the vigil and document (both in photographs and video) the protest taking place there. below find one of his images - the church in the background is where bush attends services when he's in crawford.

John Hoffman, 2005, Some Rights Reserved

from john: My understanding is that the crosses presented in the image I sent represent 20% of the U.S. honored dead -- twenty people for each cross pictured. As soon as they have built more, enough for a one to one ratio, it will fill the entire area surrounding Camp Casey II.

john is currently at work editing a documentary short he filmed while down there. I'll post details as they become available on the project - the plan is to screen the short at a fundraiser for Veterans for Peace in the next few weeks.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger aram said...

if each cross represented 20 people, then the number of crosses would only equal 5% of the war dead. sorry to be the math geek, but...


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