Wednesday, July 13, 2005

schindler stuff

the mak center has a lot of great stuff going on this weekend. first, the new web site launched last week. check it out. anyone who remembers the old one will know this is a vast improvement. second, there will be a great opening on fri night for isaac julien, a filmmaker and photographer. on sat night, the mak center will be hosting a panel discussion on his work with julien and several art historians and critics.
Untitled, True North Series
Isaac Julien, 2004

Also this weekend, I am doing my monthly docent duties. on sat the 16th, I'll be giving tours of the schindler house from 11am-2:30pm.

and the mak center has a good deal going on now. the mak center has just published a new book on schindler - his homes, his history, suggestions for a self-guided tour of his LA work and a chronicle of the mak center over the past decade. the book normally costs $15 but now you can get the book plus admission for $17/$16 for students and seniors. its worth it - admission alone now is $7 and the book is pretty comprehensive. so if you're a schindler fan, now's a good time to go.

and with your new book in hand, check out Summer Sundays – Schindler Sampler. on sundays now unti lsept 4th at noon, the schindler house is the starting point for self-guided tours of schindler. why start there? I think there's a free gift bag involved but not sure of the details.

oh, and there's also the opening of the basquiat show this weekend at moca. but that will be madhouse, so just go to the schindler house instead.


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