Monday, July 18, 2005

monday media

  • the always reliable cs monitor covers the housing boom in downtown LA. says one downtown resident: "It's like living in a Fellini movie," he says of the Italian movie director. "I constantly feel like I'm in 'Satyricon.' "
  • basquiat reviews: LA downtown news. LA weekly. LAtimes. and the opening party was a madhouse. rather than wait on the interminable line, we went here instead and drank dom and pitied the suckers still on line.
  • and since I'm feeling really tired today, even after 9 hours of sleep, and very lazy, my last link isn't media at all - just a link to the calendar of the hollywood bowl since I was there last night for the basement jaxx show. and the bowl is one of the greatest venues in LA. there is nothing like it in nyc.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger A.Q. said...

I was at the show as well, it was great! Almost any show is magical at the Bowl...


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