Wednesday, July 20, 2005

bad supreme court/good state legislation?

I'll let the other blogs write about bush's supreme court justice nominee and just let this link speak for itself in terms of my view. so instead of talking about roberts, I'm just going to link to this piece on about states' attempts to push through legislation with state constitutional amendments that would limit the rights of local governments to enforce eminent domain - including CA. sounds great, right?

except that there is also another state bill making its way to the guvernator proposed by Sen Kevin Murray that would establish a commission with the authority to build sports and entertainment complexes, apparently bringing LA one step closer to luring the NFL.

as this editorial points out, the potential economic gain from convention and sports centers, is "consistently flawed and misleading." so where will CA go? happily following in the lead of the supreme court, or with the 24 other states considering limits on eminent domain.

as I said before, eminent domain almost always hurts those without power or influence.

the CA eminent domain handbook, as prepared by a law firm.


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