Monday, June 13, 2005

monday media

  • perhaps overly optimistic view of socal's urban prosperity. I love LA but even I wouldn't call it one of the "most livable" regions in america. and I lived in nyc and london - two of the least affordable cities in the world. but if you're feeling down this monday morning and pondering how far LA's come since the king riots, then this article should lift your spirits.
  • The Planning Center turns 30. This community and regional planning firm is responsible "for more than 30 general plans for cities and counties, and more than 200 specific plans for both private- and public-sector clients." [via cyburbia]
  • We're not the only fat, lazy bastards. The british are facing similar concerns about obesity - linking design and lifestyle to increases in obesity-related diseases (and with a national healthcare system that is already strained, the problem becomes more pressing). the solution? "preventative design" - encouraging people (esp kids) to walk, exercise, even skate.


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