Sunday, March 20, 2005

pinks is a boite?

the sunday nytimes' style section covers the scene at pink's of all places after midnight, lionizing, as only the nytimes can do, the overrated hot dog stand as a pick-up spot and after-hours eating option.

I love los angeles but this sentence typifies one of my major frustrations with this town:
Bars and clubs in Los Angeles close at 2 a.m., and Pink's is one of about a dozen choices in Hollywood for a postmidnight meal.

the day I realized LA can be a little junior varsity (compared to ny) was the time I tried to eat after 10pm on a friday and we realized our only options were pretty much diners and pink's. I know disagrees with me here, but their list of late night restaurants doesn't inspire confidence in my post-10pm dining options. am I missing a better option?


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Sometimes it can be a problem if you want Americanish or Euro options. I’ve def. experienced that post-movie eats quandary. I’ll probably head to Minibar for late snacks. Why Edendale doesn’t have a post-10:00 bar menu completely baffles me. But sadly the kitchen there is lacking in many ways, so go figure.

The article missed the fact that if you drive a mere 2-3 miles east, you’ll hit upon the best stretch of open late restaurants in Thai Town. does too -- maybe they’re too busy gathering clients for their gazillions of HUGELY annoying pop ups. Hollywood east of Western is the happening place after midnight (not like Ms. Pumpkin here knows from all that much experience), and Palm, Sanamluang, Ruen Pair etc. truly get going around 10 p.m.

BTW, I loved all those wall colors in the Arts and Crafts show -- almost enough to send me straight to the closest Benjamin Moore dealer.

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you suggesting you don't want something swimming in chili?

/yay! JV used by another person!


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