Sunday, March 06, 2005

hot property - are they reading this blog?

I've been complaining for weeks about the LA Times' loose definition of "celebrity" for the hot property column, yet the paper seems to be taking baby steps towards improving that. this week they feature actual celebrities - oscar winners! grammy winners! my generation's liz taylor! former teen idols! mr. magoo!

but does that make me happy? no.

the badly formed puns, the nonsensical lead-ins, the pointless references to past projects - the headlines are all cringeworthy. I feel embarrassed for author ruth ryon. to wit:

"no more malibu weather" - a hackneyed reference to nic cage selling his malibu home. why the reference to weather? he stars in an upcoming film "the weather man."

"what a place to be shipwrecked" - a groan-inducing headline for the sale of Jim Backus' estate (the millionaire on gilligan's island).

please, please, please either write better puns or just dispense with them altogether.


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